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    Login. Add a Bookmark/Favorite for this page or save it to your phone's homescreen. iPhone or iPad: Touch the Apple Share icon (yellow arrow). Then touch the "Add to Home Screen" icon (red arrow). The Churchteams icon / app will be placed on your home screen. Android Phone or Tablet: Click the three dots in the upper right of the Chrome browser ...

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    Login; x . Thank you for registering for a webinar! ... Churchteams is a full software suite for managing all the things that keep you up at night, letting you get back to what's most important - making disciples and building teams. Churchteam Support: 817-405-9750 [email protected]

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    Churchteams is the only church administration application that organizes your information, and actually builds smarter workflows your staff and congregation will love! With the click of a button, you can instantly activate dozens of features, including mobile check-in, automated email, …

    Most non-staff attenders and leaders use Churchteams by completing a form, responding to a push notification (email or text) or by using Text-to-Church TM.However, we've had a lot of requests for non-staff level access through a more traditional (email address with a password) login.

    Training with ongoing gatherings builds the values and language for coaches. Churchteams is the common tool for execution and communication. This happens as coaches embrace it for monthly reporting on their interactions with leaders. Go to Settings / Groups / Email Reminders to find the option to Enable Coach email reminders.

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    These playlists add to and organize the videos provided throughout the application to give our clients 24/7 support and training. For more, join the discussion on Facebook.If you are not yet a client, feel free to browse the playlists for videos that might be informative and pertinent to your questions.

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