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ePCR - electronic patient care reporting
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    All Users: The medication allergies control was acting very strangely. It should now be much more usable. Enjoy! Mozilla Firefox Users: There was an issue … - RESCUE
    This version of RESCUE is designed for {{currentUser.organizationName}}. Any PCRs entered will not be transferred to the Alabama EMS state repository.

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    The RescueNet ePCR suite offers dynamically configurable screens to capture patient care data, an easy-to-use touchscreen interface, advanced reporting of all data captured in the field, a graphical workflow editor for designing custom workflows for PCR reviews, and a web-based solution for reviewing and editing patient care reports. Capture and access all pre-hospital patient, clinical and ...

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    Latest News. EMS Consultants is excited to announce V3 release in Alabama; The Medicare Appeals System Back-Log by Chris Kelly, Chief Legal Officer, EMS Consultants

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